VAPORESSO becomes one of the first CRC-compliant vaping brands in Canada

VAPORESSO becomes one of the first CRC-compliant vaping brands in Canada

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SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 3, 2020

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- World-leading vaping brand VAPORESSO has become one of the first to have passed the Child Resistant Certified (CRC) regulation imposed by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). VAPORESSO's selected products for certification include popular ZERO and XROS CRC version in the PTF filling system range, and the GTX TANK 22 CRC version compatible with the GEN S, GEN Nano, LUXE II, and SWAG II mods.

CRC-compliant Products from VAPORESSO

What is CRC?

Similar to the USA's Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA), CRC-compliance is a federal requirement for all vaping manufacturers who want to continue advertising and selling their vaping products in Canada. The regulation serves to prevent children and teenagers from using vaping products.

Earning a CRC certification goes beyond receiving permission to advertise and sell on the Canadian market.

Working closely with the official authorities, VAPORESSO is committed to leading the industry into strictly complying with all vaping-related regulations. The brand's purpose is to prevent people who haven't reached the legal age from using vaping products while maintaining the industry's healthy development.

Committed to Safety and Child Protection

VAPORESSO is one of the few brands committed to its users' safety before federal regulations came to act. The company has taken action to implement child-proof designs on its vaping devices since 2018.

The brand's ZERO refillable pod system is compliant with the ISO8317 child-proof standard certification before the CRC Act took effect in the vaping industry. As a result, VAPORESSO managed to quickly redesign the GTX TANK 22 into a new CRC-compliant version launched in 2020, a process completed in under a year.

The brand aims to fully support the local policy of child protection against vaping products, focusing on optimizing its products' child resistance.

Leading Technology to Meet CRC Compliance

VAPORESSO utilizes an innovative patented Press-to-Fill (PTF) structure on its ZERO and XROS CRC version products to offer a quick response to all emerging regulations on the Canadian market. This structure is designed to prevent the e-juice from flowing out of the pod once injected. In this way, the liquid is sealed inside the closed pod, preventing children or teenagers from accidentally coming in contact with it.

The GTX TANK 22's e-juice filling and coil replacing mechanisms work in tandem to bring a safer and more reliable vaping experience. Users have to press the cap to unscrew it to refill the e-juice or change the coil, a difficult operation for children.

ZERO, XROS CRC version, and GTX TANK 22 CRC version are the first VAPORESSO products to comply with the CRC regulations, and several other products from the brand are currently undergoing CRC audit. The company aims to have more of its product categories qualified for the CRC certification in the near future.

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