Mobile Failing Over 2/3rds Of Frontline Workers

Mobile Failing Over 2/3rds Of Frontline Workers

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ATLANTA and ABINGDON, England, Nov. 9, 2020

New data shows global increase in mobility problems frontline workers experience monthly which negatively impact their work and their company

ATLANTA and ABINGDON, England, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As COVID-19 continues to impact countries across the globe, the pressure on frontline enterprise workers has never been more acute. Yet despite 87% of IT admitting to having some tools in place to proactively monitor and manage their critical IT infrastructure, two thirds of frontline workers experience mobile issues each month which negatively impact their ability to do their jobs - a rise of 16% from last year.

In September 2020, B2M Solutions commissioned a trusted independent market research company to survey over 1,505 companies across the United States, Canada and Europe as part of its 3rd Annual State of Enterprise Mobility Survey. The survey found that of all the mobile issues reported, the following rank as the most prevalent monthly issues:

However these stats are only the tip of the iceberg as 85% of monthly mobile issues go unreported to IT (up from 80% last year). Almost half of IT managers (48%) also admitted to an increase in the number of worker-reported issues over the last 12-18 months .

With COVID-19 forecast to plunge the global economy into the deepest recession since the Second World War, the spotlight on the impact these issues are having on company financials has never been more acute:

"Despite the enterprise's growing reliance on mobile devices and applications, the number of mobile issues affecting a workers' ability to do their job is on the rise. These issues are increasing costs to an enterprise - not only in terms of wasted hardware but more importantly in terms of lost productivity, lost revenue and lost customers. With the total costs related to these issues over 5 years forecast to be 80% or higher of the enterprise's True Cost of Ownership™ of mobile devices, now is the time to act," commented Gary Lee, Chief Revenue Officer of B2M Solutions. 

He added: "Despite 97% of companies in our survey having a device management tool like MDM / EMM in place to manage mobility, only 2% of these companies state these tools allow them to proactively manage and control these critical issues. Clearly there is a need for better solutions which provide more detailed analytics alongside real-time visibility. Proactively spotting and fixing problems, and in some cases even predicting them, is the key to empowering frontline workers and IT teams with the tools they need to keep mobility up and running. Without them we risk more disruption, lengthier down time, poorer customer service and higher costs - all of which companies can ill afford as we look to a more positive pathway into 2021."

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Notes to Editors

B2M Solutions commissioned an online survey of 1,505 companies across the United States & Canada (33%), the United Kingdom (33%), France, Italy, Germany, and Spain (33%) in September 2020 using an independent market researcher. The pool of end-user survey respondents was screened by the provider to ensure they depend on a mobile device to do their job daily, while IT worker survey respondents were screened to ensure they were in charge of supporting mobility in an enterprise. There were 3+ million devices under management by IT respondents in the survey.

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