TROUVER Double 11 Festival Vacuum Deals Starts from 12:00AM Nov.11

TROUVER Double 11 Festival Vacuum Deals Starts from 12:00AM Nov.11

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MOSCOW, Russia, Nov. 10, 2020

Empowered by Edge-cutting Aerospace Technology, Housekeeping Is Easier Than Ever with TROUVER's Solo10 Stick Vacuums

MOSCOW, Russia, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TROUVER, a youthful new brand under Dreame Technology specializing in home appliance design and manufacture, launches new promotion for the Aliexpress Double 11 shopping festival, with the Solo10 model which will be available for just US$139.99 (original price US$212.49) from 12AM tomorrow.

Solo 10 Vacuum Deal will provide value of US$10 discount for over US$10.01 purchase with Store Coupon from 00:00 to 02:59 on Nov. 11 (Moscow time), along with 2 days promotion to enjoy RU₽1,000 off for minimum spend of RU₽10,000. For more information, please visit:

The Solo10 is a stick vacuum cleaner highlighting stylish design, LED color display and long battery life. It's powered by TROUVER high-speed digital motor AERO3.0 that produces a speed of up to 80,000rpm, generating stronger suction power than most corded vacuums on the market. Its 6-core, 2000mAh high-energy battery can provide up to 48 minutes of strong suction to clean the entire home without recharging.

With such strong motor speed, the motor design team of TROUVER underwent many simulations and testing on the motor's impeller and bearing to ensure the motor's optimal performance, dynamic balance and life are at top level across the industry.

"The Solo10 is a highly cost-effective product designed for young professionals who have just started their careers and a new independent life. It's a high-tech cleaning appliance that delivers great performance to help provide everyone a comfortable, clean space to pursue their goals and dreams," said Weisheng Zhang, President of TROUVER.

The Solo10 is designed for hassle-free usage by the young consumers:

Another major highlight of Solo10 is its multi-cone cyclone dust collection design that can intercept participles larger than 0.3μm. The TROUVER R&D team devised more than 20 plans during the early development and eventually decided that the hexagonal structure is best suited for the system, achieving a dust and air separation efficiency of 99.5 percent. The dust collection tank separation system can prevent dust from entering the HEPA filter.

In addition, the TROUVER R&D team has created an integrated DualCool air cooling optimization that can make sure every battery is cooled down properly during operation to achieve excellent heat dissipation.

The Solo10 vacuum has acquired a CE mark per European Directive and standards, and the design includes multiple patents developed by TROUVER, an R&D-oriented technology company from the Xiaomi Ecological Chain with a professional R&D team with an aerospace background.


TROUVER belongs to an important leading enterprise of Xiaomi ecological chain -- Dreame Technology. Pioneering in technology, industrial design, art, and fashion crossover as well as supply chain matrix, TROUVER is committed to creating next-level products that combine the powerful core technology for young people.

Empowered by Edge-cutting Aerospace Technology, Housekeeping Is Easier Than Ever with TROUVER’s Solo10 Stick Vacuums

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