Business Reporter: Making aerosol cans obsolete

Business Reporter: Making aerosol cans obsolete

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LONDON, Nov. 10, 2020

A small packaging company is contributing to sustainability and consumer safety

LONDON, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An article published on Business Reporter puts the future of traditional aerosol cans into doubt.

Chemically-propelled aerosols have been around for years and they are very convenient. However, Dutch company Airopack BV have created an innovative way of improving on current technology by creating a more sustainable all-plastic alternative that doesn't use chemical propellants.

Airopack uses a patented pressure regulator containing compressed air to deliver a consistent and continuous flow. This is environmentally significant because the carbon footprint of the air-powered Airopack dispenser is 32 per cent lower than other aerosols. The energy used in manufacturing them is reduced by 42 per cent compared with traditional aerosols. In addition, as Airopack uses air as a propellant, it eliminates the need for the production and transport of chemical propellants.

Airopack recognises the need to reduce plastic use. Its manufacturing processes have zero-waste of PET materials, as PET scrap is reused. New products like the Airopack Power will offer a 30 per cent reduction in plastic use by including rPET materials.

Airopack dispensers work with a wide range of products including gels, lotions, sprays and post-foaming materials. They can be found in beauty and personal care, home care, food and industrial applications. Using less energy and emitting less carbon during manufacturing than traditional aerosol cans, Airopack dispensers are highly sustainable.

To learn more about sustainable aerosols, read the article.

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About Airopack

Airopack delivers a revolutionary all-plastic dispensing system that replaces traditional aerosols and mechanical pump systems. The Airopack system promotes sustainability by reducing carbon footprint by 32 per cent and energy use in manufacturing by 42 per cent. Thanks to a patented pressure regulator, the spraying pressure remains constant from start to finish and the residual content remaining in the packaging is minimal. In addition, the pressure packaging does not work with harmful propellants, but uses normal harmless compressed air.


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