2020 Chengdu Jingrong Lake Science and Innovation Business District city value conference held

2020 Chengdu Jingrong Lake Science and Innovation Business District city value conference held

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CHENGDU, China, Nov. 11, 2020

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 20, the city value launch of 2020 Chengdu's Jingrong Lake Technology Innovation Business District was held in Pidu District's Jingrong Town. Representatives of leading enterprises in electronic information, science and innovation business, intelligent manufacturing, real estate development and other industries, representatives of consulting institutions, scientific research institutions, university scholars, as well as urban partners, investment ambassadors and so on, participated.

The whole press conference closely followed the theme positioning of "Jingrong Lake Science & Innovation Business District", focused on the strategic positioning of Jingrong Lake Science & Innovation Business District in the high-quality development of Jingrong Town, and looked forward to the bright prospect and cooperation opportunities of Jingrong Lake in the next decade from the perspective of professional consulting institutions by issuing the list of city values and opportunities.

At the press conference, a special salon "Chengdu West · Jingrong Lake · Kechuang Business District" was held to deeply interpret the advantages, development opportunities and future prospects of The Business district, express the innovative economic model, accelerate the innovation concept of the construction of "Kechuang Core", and let the guests imagine the development of The business district together.

Subsequently, a new "city partner" and "ambassador of investment status" are being named in Pidu district, in the hope of attracting more high-quality enterprises and institutions to settle in Pidu with its resource advantages, so as to build a term-level electronic information industry area.

Jingrong Lake Science and Innovation Business District is marching toward the goal of "international innovation and Research center, ecological green smart water city". In the future, an industrial park urban demonstration area integrating production, research and development, housing, consumption, service and ecological functions, and a high-quality ecological livable place and a deep integration model of human-urban industry will rise rapidly.

In the future, Jingrong Lake will be built into three "centers": Chengdu West · International Science and Innovation Business Center, Chengdu West · High-quality Ecological livable Center, and Chengdu West · Fashion life and consumption Center.

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