ARTCELS launches Utility Coin 'ARTEM' in Q1 2021 ICO to facilitate safe and secure trades on its art investments platform

ARTCELS launches Utility Coin 'ARTEM' in Q1 2021 ICO to facilitate safe and secure trades on its art investments platform

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LONDON, Nov. 17, 2020

LONDON, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ARTCELS, the world's first art investments digital platform, in collaboration with 4ARTechnologies AG and Assetyze AG, is set to release a Utility Coin called 'ARTEM' to facilitate secure trade, investment and exchange among their members.  Through a system which minimises investment risk and delivers state-of-the-art security using blockchain technology, ARTCELS has been providing investors with unprecedented access to blue-chip contemporary art through their first official portfolio 'XXI'.

Artist Nico Mares and 4ART Director Dino Lewkowicz analysing the artwork condition using the 4ART app digital condition reports (Photo: Nico Mares)

The ICO of ARTEM in Q1 2021 marks a major milestone in the development of ARTCELS, as the platform's core value proposition is validated by positive trends across the art, crypto and Fintech markets. ARTEM was developed in partnership with Domo Fintech, a start-up that specializes in providing Fintech and VR technology for the Art market. Upon release, ARTEM will be the instrument for investment and pay out transactions across the ARTCELS platform. ARTEM can also be converted into major currencies on Bittrex via the intermediary cryptocurrency, 4Art Coin, which is currently listed on the exchange. In this way, investors are afforded instant liquidity against the shares they own in ARTCELS' portfolio.                                                                      

ARTCELS' founders contemporary art gallerist Elio D'Anna and commodities trader Gijs de Viet, set out to create a platform that would make blue-chip art investments more accessible to the younger emerging art investors market. 'Love for art' is central to the ARTCELS phenomenon and has seen the platform curate and broker an impressive inaugural portfolio, 'XXI', featuring works by blue-chip artists Kaws, George Condo, RETNA, Hirst, Jeff Koons and Banksy, as well as, works by globally renowned artists such as Joseph Klibansky, Anthony James, Zhuang Hong Yi and Adam Parker Smith. Combining paintings, sculptures, and 3D mixed media artworks valued at over $1M (USD) collectively. The 'XXI' portfolio offers strong returns owing to market valuation trends and strategic brokerage by the ARTCELS team who remain invested in the high yield portfolio to ensure maximum profits over the fund's gestation.

The process is entirely automated through the 4Art iPhone app which has an in-built
scanning feature, powered by patented technology which digitises each artwork for
authentication and appraisal. The 4Art iPhone app is fully integrated with the ARTCELS app, and is complementary for members and although currently exclusive to iPhone 8 and above models with AR-chips, will soon be available on AR-enabled android phones.

ARTEM is a restricted utility coin available only to investors and members of ARTCELS, it launches Q1 2021.

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