Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! promotes seasonal food artichoke and pomegranate

Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! promotes seasonal food artichoke and pomegranate

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BOLOGNA, Italy, Nov. 18, 2020

The pomegranate and the artichoke are full of virtues as explained by Martina Donegani, the nutritionist of Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! project

BOLOGNA, Italy, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The objective of Fruit & Veg: Natural Health!, the project promoted by AOP Gruppo Vi. Va. and financed by European Union for 1,5 milions of Euro, is the promotion of the nutritional and healthy values of seasonal fruit and vegetables produced by the associated of Gruppo Vi. Va..

For the autumn the first product on focus is the pomegranate, which is available in markets from October to December and it is produced in the best Italian areas by Apofruit group.

The pomegranate is a typical Mediterranean fruit, which is living an important diffusion thanks to its healthy values. The offer of Gruppo Vi. Va. associates is around 2.000 tons, coming from the most suitable areas of Italy, characterised by mild temperate weather and great soil qualities who guarantee the cultivation of these products of excellence.

The pomegranate, as described in the product details written by Dr. Martina Donegani for Fruit & Veg: Natural Health!, is a fruit rich in nutrition and low in fats, with an important quantity of minerals, fibres, C vitamin and antioxidants such as flavonoid, ellagic acid and quercitin who gives to pomegranate the role of an ally for wellbeing. The perfect season to taste this fruit is the autumn, because the maturation starts in October and continue until December, which makes the pomegranate the main character of Christmas tables.

The artichoke, proposed by AOP Gruppo Vi. Va. produced by Apofruit and F.lli Giardina OP Mongolfiera, has a potential offer of 5.000 tons and it is a particular vegetable, looking thorny outside but tender and tasty in the inside.

The production areas are located in the most suitable areas of Sicily, Puglia, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. The artichoke with the brand Violì® are produced in three different zones, which extends the availability for nine months, from October to June, for the Italian market and the exportations. Gruppo Vi. Va., In order to guarantee the excellence of the product, has developed a production specification to monitoring and granting quality and safeness.

The artichoke, as described by Dr. Martina Donegani, is rich in nutrition such as potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium which gives it important protective and depurative properties.

Artichokes and pomegranates enrich the offer of Fruit & Veg: Natural Health!, who presents to the consumers of Italy, Nederland and Romania the quality of wild berries, tomatoes, pumpkins, baby carrots and broccoli, which represent the excellence of Italian production.

All of the products details, written by the project nutritionist, are available on the official website of Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! (, together with the information about the project, the producers and the way to use these excellent natural products.

Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! is a European project promoted and developed by Gruppo Vi.Va AOP, representing Apofruit, Canova Codma OP, Coop. Sole. La Mongolfiera, Pempacorer-Terremerse, Solarelli, Ortoromi and O.P. Terra di Bari.

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