BIOTECON Diagnostics Launches Real-time PCR foodproof® Aspergillus Detection LyoKit for the Cannabis Testing Industry

BIOTECON Diagnostics Launches Real-time PCR foodproof® Aspergillus Detection LyoKit for the Cannabis Testing Industry

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POTSDAM, Germany, Nov. 19, 2020

Fast and accurate method for simultaneous detection of four species of pathogenic Aspergillus: A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, A. terreus, in cannabis and cannabis-infused products

POTSDAM, Germany, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BIOTECON Diagnostics is pleased to announce the launch of its highly convenient, sensitive, rapid and easy to use lyophilized test kit - the foodproof Aspergillus Detection LyoKit. Within two days (including enrichment), the multiplex assay independently identifies four species of pathogenic Aspergillus - A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, and A. terreus — in a range of cannabis sample backgrounds and using just one PCR reaction.


"With increased cannabis legalization across the US and in other countries for medicinal and recreational purposes, cannabis products are quickly becoming readily available to vast numbers of consumers. Just like in the food and beverage industry, producers have to adhere to regulatory requirements for testing to ensure their products are safe for consumption. Microbial contamination, either due to poor plant growth conditions or substandard hygiene practices can threaten cannabis products at any stage: from cultivation and production to dispatch and consumption. The main microbial contaminants for cannabis testing, which our portfolio offers, includes Salmonella, STEC and Enterobacteriaceae, as well as pathogenic species of Aspergillus," said Dr. Kornelia Berghof-Jäger, CEO of BIOTECON Diagnostics.

"Aspergillus testing in cannabis is of particular importance as some species such as A. niger, A. fumigatus and A. flavus can produce mycotoxins. These toxins can pose serious health problems, especially for immunocompromised individuals, who may consequently suffer from inhalational allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. With the lack of rapid tests for microbial testing of cannabis in general, and the urgent need for Aspergillus testing in particular, we are pleased to introduce our reliable and rapid kit to the market now. It was designed to completely meet all specifications of the AOAC SMPR for the detection of Aspergillus in cannabis and cannabis-infused products," continued Dr. Kornelia Berghof-Jäger.

"The foodproof Aspergillus Detection LyoKit is the only lyophilized Aspergillus kit on the market and is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments. With 20 years of previous knowledge and expertise in food and beverage testing, it was a natural progression for us to branch into the cannabis testing industry. In terms of the types of matrices and test parameters, there are clear overlaps with the food and beverage industry. In summary, our high-quality, Germany-made kit is the perfect choice for specific and sensitive multiplex detection of Aspergillus. In combination with our foodproof StarPrep Two 8-Strip Kit for DNA extraction, the risk of inhibition from cannabis matrix components is minimized, ensuring optimal results are constantly achieved, regardless of the sample type," concluded Dr. Kornelia Berghof-Jäger.

Key Features of the foodproof Aspergillus Detection LyoKit:

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