China's First Clean Beauty Brand, Dewy Lab, Launches its First Collection

China's First Clean Beauty Brand, Dewy Lab, Launches its First Collection

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SHANGHAI, Nov. 20, 2020

SHANGHAI, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean beauty has gradually taken over the beauty world over the past few years. From the west to east, consumers witnessed and enjoyed the uprising of many clean brands. While China has been absent from this global mega trend until its long-awaited first clean beauty brand - Dewy Lab. As China's first clean beauty brand, Dewy Lab aims to democratize clean beauty for Chinese consumers and is going to launch with its first collection.

Dewy is an attitude, a mood and a status of being in a romantic future. Dewy Lab exists to resolve the conflict between "clean" and "effective", and bringing the free, easy, and unrestrained beauty and mindset to people. Dewy Lab believes that everyone deserves a simple way to feel better about themselves, regardless of one's age, gender, and status. It strives to provide an accessible, effortless while potent clean makeup routine to everyone who needs it.

Dewy Lab's clean beauty standard is structured by a group of young and romantic scientists from Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania, and Peking University, etc. They made it the strictest clean standard the market has ever seen, and they'll continuously renew the standard according to their new discoveries in labs. Dewy Lab is committed to use clean formulations that utilize the best ingredients for the best result while causing the least harm to people & planet.

At the same time, Dewy Lab is also revolutionizing clean beauty with its memorable  beauty experience. From flawless base makeup to enchanting color makeup, Dewy Lab only launches classic and timeless products to satisfy everything you want from makeup products. With Dewy Lab, no one needs to choose between safety and beauty. Dewy Lab is your companion and armour in your every dazzling moment.

Dewy Lab is going to debut with its first collection - Morning Dew Cream Foundation, Morning Mist Setting Powder and Rosy Dawn Multi-use Pigment, which gives you full vitality at the beginning of the day and provides long-term care to you with the highest "clean" power.

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