Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia Announced; Infectious Diseases Like COVID-19, the Emerging Frontier for PM, Believe 52% Nominees

Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia Announced; Infectious Diseases Like COVID-19, the Emerging Frontier for PM, Believe 52% Nominees

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FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 11, 2020

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- InsightMonk and BIS Research are excited to present the third edition of the Top 25 Voices Awards Initiative, 'The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia', an elite compendium of thought leaders in precision medicine (PM). This nomination-based compendium recognizes the path-breaking efforts of an eminent list of thought leaders whose 'voice' disrupts the existing processes and products and influences the healthcare industry.


The first edition in 2019, The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine, which recognized thought leaders from across academic institutions such as Harvard Medical School and Stanford University and industry organizations, such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, was highly acclaimed by the global healthcare industry.

Precision medicine has garnered massive attention from the stakeholders in Asia due to the volume of data generated, stored, and shared. The flurry of industry activities, coupled with the launch of government initiatives in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, and India, is anticipated to enhance the overall underlying ecosystem of precision medicine in Asia.

"Full realization of the disruptive potential of precision medicine in Asia will require a multipronged clinical, scientific, and policy agenda. The democratization of evidence of value in terms of quality of life, medical care, and cost optimization will create a highly prosperous base for exponential growth over the next few years," said Faisal Ahmad, Co-Founder and CEO, BIS Research.

The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia compendium is the result of a comprehensive process of seeking nominations and screening the impact of the achievements of over 180 thought leaders, executed over a span of seven months by analysts and executives of BIS Research and InsightMonk. This compendium includes those leaders who have been the harbingers of innovation through extraordinary laboratory research and product development. GE Healthcare China Co. Ltd., Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., BGI Genomics Co. Ltd., Illumina Inc., National University of Singapore, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are some of the innovative institutions whose professionals have been the leading voices in precision medicine in Asia.

Arvind Pal, Community Head, InsightMonk, pointed out, "Out of all the thought leader nominees, 83% said that they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to implement precision medicine. 52% believe that most use of PM will be found in infectious diseases like COVID-19, after cancer. Also, 57% believe that digital health should be the priority of focus for PM to make the greatest impact in the next five years."

To access these disruptive insights and read the profiles of these thought leaders in details, download the report from: 

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