Under New President Umar Kremlev, AIBA Ushers in New Constitution to Strengthen Governance

Under New President Umar Kremlev, AIBA Ushers in New Constitution to Strengthen Governance

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 14, 2020

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The newly-elected President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), Umar Kremlev, quickly put his mark on the organisation this weekend, as the boxing body adopted its new constitution with an overwhelming majority.

Kremlev, who has long called for wide-ranging reforms, was elected President at the AIBA Congress on Saturday with 57.33 percent of the vote. He praised the adoption of the constitution a day later, which will improve democratic governance, transparency, efficiency and ethical oversight at AIBA, in line with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"I am honoured by the trust that the National Federations have placed in me to make AIBA great again and delighted that we could adopt the new constitution on day one of my presidency," Kremlev said. "I am also proud that the vote for the constitution unrolled in such a democratic manner, introducing a cultural change at AIBA, which will clear the path back for our beloved organisation into the Olympic family."

The new constitution will give more authority to National Federations, notably as the Presidents of Continental Federations will be elected by the Congresses of Continental Confederations. The number of members on the Board of Directors will be reduced from 32 to 22, with the vast majority representing Confederations. At least six Board members have to be women, with athletes also represented.

The new constitution also clarifies the tasks of AIBA's corporate bodies and simplifies the structures within AIBA. The Ethics Commission has been granted an extended role. Several financial control mechanisms, including the creation of an internal audit body, have been approved by the Congress and will be implemented in the near future.

Separate amendments also passed, extending the powers of Confederations to organise training courses for referees and judges as well as boxing competitions. The amendments also specify that only Congress may dismiss members of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committees, while limiting the terms of office for the AIBA President and Board members by taking into consideration the number of years previously served. They also ensure that the people appointed to serve on the Ethics and Disciplinary Committees by the AIBA Board of Directors, and approved by Congress, are recommended by a suitable independent body. 

AIBA has changed its statutes in order to improve its governance, which has been criticized by the IOC. While the constitutional reform process had been launched by AIBA even before it was suspended by the IOC in 2019, it is expected to be dramatically accelerated under the presidency of Umar Kremlev.

"Let me make it clear: the path to rebuilding AIBA is not easy. It will not happen overnight. We have to unite together and work with one mission: rebuilding the credibility and trust that AIBA once had in the minds of sports people worldwide and that includes, of course, restoring AIBA Olympic status," Kremlev said after winning the election.

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