Savage & King Announce King of Shades® SHUGS® - Sunglasses that Hug™

Savage & King Announce King of Shades® SHUGS® - Sunglasses that Hug™

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LONDON, Dec. 14, 2020

LONDON, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Will King, best known for founding men's shaving brand King of Shaves in 1993 is delighted to announce the launch of King of Shades® SHUGS® - Sunglasses that Hug™ in partnership with his wife and creative director, Tiger Savage.

An image of King of Shades® SHUGS® Sunglasses that Hug™ sunglasses featuring the patent pending Koala dynamic head hugging auto-folding frame and XPO™ polarised lenses.  SHUGS are designed and manufactured in the UK.

SHUGS sunglasses are unique, dynamically hugging the head, then auto-folding closed when removed. They feature XPO™ polarised lenses and are designed & made in the UK.

The design is patent pending and SHUGS launch on a Kickstarter campaign Monday 14th December 2020.

The origins of the idea dates back to 2010, when King was wrongly captioned as the "founder of King of Shades" in a photograph taken at a launch party he attended in London with his girlfriend (now wife) advertising creative director, Tiger Savage: "You've got to trademark that!" she exclaimed - he did.


It wasn't until 2016 when the couple started work on their project in earnest, knowing that it would not be sufficient to launch 'just another brand' of conventional eyewear. SHUGS - an acronym for 'Sunglasses that Hug' - are designed and manufactured in the UK.  The Koala one-piece frame is unique, unbreakable in normal use, has no mechanical/pivoting hinges to break or work loose, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

King heads up product engineering & sales, Savage is responsible for brand creative & marketing.


Unlike 99% of all other sunglass brands, SHUGS are made in the UK with the search for a manufacturing partner taking over 3 years.  They are suitable for everyone and launch with two style variants, 'KARBON' & 'KANYON' and three polarised oleophobic coated lens finishes; lenses are interchangeable using the Swoptical™ lens system.

Savage & King comment:

"In 2021, two things we'll all want are sun and a hug - so we're hoping that although launching SHUGS sunglasses has taken so long, our timing is spot on".

SHUGS are available to back on Kickstarter prices starting from £59. More information, including demonstrations of how the SHUGS technology works can be found on the King of Shades website.


For more information, please contact Will King via email

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