AppGallery Launches its Exclusive Year-End Game Fest Campaign

AppGallery Launches its Exclusive Year-End Game Fest Campaign

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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 15, 2020

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile gamers can enjoy exclusive gift packs for selected games as part of AppGallery's year-end Games Fest. Running from now until 23 December, the campaign enables players to download and play some of the most popular mobile games and redeem exclusive gift packs worth up to US$20.

As the year gradually comes to an end and as everyone looks forward to winding down, taking a breather, and enjoying the festivities with family and friends, AppGallery wants to give its users something to smile about after a tough year.

In this period of restriction measures and isolation, the company believes that there's no better time to stay at home and play games with friends online. It's the best way to spend time with loved ones while keeping a safe distance – meeting them virtually to chat about each other's highlights of the year over gameplay. Gamers can even create new experiences together by completing epic boss raids, surviving a battle royale match as a team, or creating mayhem by racing down the streets of San Francisco.

Here are 12 of the hottest mobile games and some exclusive gift packages to kickstart the year-end adventures with Game Fest.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends - Epic Arcade Car Racing Game

Gamers who have wanted to race down the streets of Shanghai, island-hop around The Caribbean, or even sight-see in Himalayan Mountains can now do it with their friends while driving nitro-cranked supercars in Asphalt 9: Legends. Players have praised the series for its console-like experience with the high-quality visuals, as well as the adrenaline-pumping high-speed chase with blockbuster set pieces.

Moreover, AppGallery is now giving away game codes for its Luxury Gift Pack as part of Game Fest, with 125 Tokens, 50,000 Credits, and a Ferrari F40 Limited-Time Pack worth US$20, giving gamers more reason to play the ultimate free-to-play arcade racing game available on the platform.

2. State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

When it comes to the zombie survival genre on mobile, State of Survival is a popular go-to for MMORPG fans looking for zombies to kill and a settlement to manage. The game incorporates elements beyond traditional strategy games into the gameplay, such as tower defence, resource management, as well as engaging storytelling. Players can even partner with friends to combine resources and firepower to make sure settlements survive against zombies and other hostile players.

To help users get ahead of their peers, AppGallery is offering a Luxury Gift Pack as part of Game Fest, with items such as Construction Speedup perks, food and building resources, as well as Biocaps worth US$10.

3. Last Day on Earth: Survival

There's no denying zombie survival remains to be a very popular gaming genre, with more games and movies drawing inspiration from popular zombie franchises. Last Day on Earth is no different, putting users in the shoes of a survivor fending off zombies and intruders, while looting for resources and food to ensure survival. It keeps the game fresh with regular updates and addictive resource management mechanics that many fans would love and enjoy.

Newcomers to this game can now receive Game Fest freebies from AppGallery – a Luxury Gift Pack with resources, weapons and a dog companion to help them kickstart their journey into the post-apocalyptic world of Last Day on Earth.

4. Summoners War

Teamwork makes the dream work, and that rings true when gamers assemble the greatest team of monsters in Summoners War with their friends to challenge the Tartarus' Labyrinth with Guild Members. The game especially caters to users who like collectables, with more than 1,000 different types of monsters to summon and train with 100 million other Summoners around the world. The game is popular amongst players for its variety and endless new content released periodically, keeping the community engaged and challenged.

As part of Game Fest, players can now redeem a Mystical Scroll from AppGallery to summon a rare Monster to continue their conquest to become the greatest Summoner of all time.

5. Standoff 2

Many first-person shooter lovers would have grown up playing Counter-Strike on PC to scratch their competitive itch. Now gamers can do the same with Standoff 2, but this time on mobile, meaning it can be played anytime and anywhere. With six different maps, and three game modes to choose from, users can challenge friends in a showdown of reflexes in 'Deathmatch,' 'Defuse the bomb,' and 'Arms Race' game modes. Long-time players cite the quality of graphics and unique customisation system to their characters as reasons they love the game.

During the Game Fest period, AppGallery is giving away free Battle Pass and Acid Carbon Weapon Skin to help users kickstart their Standoff 2 career.

6. Perfect World Mobile

Most MMORPG fanatics would have heard of Perfect World series, a classic Chinese mythology influenced adventure and fantasy game spanning three games since its release in 2006. Perfect World Mobile brings the full experience right into the palm of gamers' hands, with console-level graphics and an expansive world to explore. The game features endless activities, such as gathering, cooking, and fishing, alongside epic battles with friends and allies within the game.

Players can even redeem a Luxury Special Gift on AppGallery with a Hell Hound ride, as well as various items and in-game currencies, during this Game Fest period.

7. World of Tanks Blitz MMO

Gamers can shake up the status quo and light up their year-end festivities with explosions, bullets, and raging flames with World of Tank Blitz MMO. With over 350 finely detailed combat vehicle choices, players can find a perfect vehicle for any playstyle to strike fear in their opponents. Its cross-platform play earned praises from players across the globe, with the high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay continuing to draw players back into the game for more.

Players can grab their friends to join in the battle with a newcomer Blitz Gift Pack that gives a 7-day premium account with 250 gold to spend on new loot, redeemable on the AppGallery as part of Game Fest.

8. Pascal's Wager

For players with a great hand dexterity, thirst for hardcore challenge, and who enjoy console-like quality games, Pascal's Wager is definitely for them. This Soulsborne-like masterpiece delivers immersive, action-fuelled dark fantasy adventure, that will test players' skills with challenging enemies and boss fights littered through the game. Players have praised the game's Lovecraftian-style visuals and score, as well as creative enemy design and intuitive combat mechanics.

9. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands

This game definitely fits the bill for users who are great with surviving in the wilderness with 49 other players hunting each other to emerge from the top. The game keeps players entertained for hours with exciting gameplay, smooth controls, and high-quality graphics, as well as voice chat support to play with friends. The constant updates, as well as endless loot, skins, and pets, keeps content fresh and ensures players continue going back for more.

10. Eclipse Isle

Eclipse Isle is an anime-style battle royale. The game's mechanics differ from the usual run-gun-survive battle royale gameplay – each hero within the game possesses unique skills and talents to assist them in their fight for survival. Players have praised the oriental fantasy theme used in the game, with eye-popping art style and character design. The differing seasons and weather also add variety to the gameplay, challenging players to employ different strategies during different playthroughs.

11. ASMR Slicing

This relaxing game is perfect for players having a quiet laidback evening, sipping their favourite beverage right before bed, and winding down to a soothing game that keeps senses satisfied. ASMR Slicing simulates realistic slicing of kinetic sand and various objects, providing haptic feedback and relaxing ASMR sounds to keep senses entertained and provides immense satisfaction.

12. Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

When it comes to competitive mobile games, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is high on the list. The recently launched Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, which is exclusive to AppGallery, features high quality, intense colour graphics and a collection of fully customisable 3D heroes with player-controlled abilities. Fans of mixed martial arts will also be glad to know that Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer and former UFC champion Conor McGregor is the face of the game.

AppGallery's Game Fest encourages gamers to explore new ways to play with exclusive benefits. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are plentiful. For further details, visit AppGallery:

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