COVID Vaccine Verification - Electronic And Secure Through First Ever, Patented VAX Passbook And Passcard Technology

COVID Vaccine Verification - Electronic And Secure Through First Ever, Patented VAX Passbook And Passcard Technology

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- World Health Access, a subsidiary of International Health and Wellness, LLC, has announced today the VAX Passbook and VAX Passcard will release the first ever, patented technology and service to provide COVID Vaccine Verification booklets and cards.

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VAX Passbook is a vaccination record booklet that constitutes a document confirming the vaccinations that the owner of the booklet has received, which utilizes patented technology to maintain security and privacy of the user. VAX Passcard provides similar documentation to the user, but in the form of a credit card-like tool, which incorporates a proprietary Biometric fingerprint technology on the card.

VAX Passbook and Passcard have been designed to ultimately include all vaccination records of the user for ease and convenience, showing the chronological history of testing and confirming the tests and vaccinations the owner has obtained.

Recent reports confirm that airlines are seriously considering COVID-19 vaccine requirements for international travel, adding to the need for VAX Passbook's and Passcard's technology.

"COVID-19 vaccinations have begun in the United States and United Kingdom, but this is only the first step in the process of overcoming the ramifications of the current global health crisis," said Isaac S. Daniel, CEO of International Health and Wellness. "In order to end mask-wearing, reopen the economy, schools, restaurants, travel, and more, many organizations will require COVID-19 vaccine verification. VAX Passbook and Passcard provide this service with convenience and user-privacy in mind."

Daniel continued, "While researchers have accomplished a remarkable achievement in developing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in record time, the next piece of the puzzle is missing without VAX Passbook and Passcard. At this time, there is no national organization that maintains vaccination records, not even the CDC. VAX Passbook and Passcard are an essential component in the global efforts to restore normalcy and to live freely again."

A VAX Passbook or Passcard can be purchased online at for individuals and distributors.

About Reel Code Media: VAX Passbook and Passcard utilize Reel Code Media (RCM) patented technology and biometric technologies, to ensure privacy, safety, and security by encrypting personal information. The RCM Frame contains information at each corner that is encrypted (256bit/512bit) and programmed to only be accessed by assigned Administrators including educators, employers, government agencies, travel authorities, medical/healthcare/insurance providers. RCM is superior to other barcode scanning technologies for several reasons. RCM is an interactive, visual communications medium that allows access to four different digital multimedia contents in one RCM Frame and with one scan. Attractive images with a variety of content at each corner can be updated instantly and with ease, as often as one would like. RCM also provides advanced analytics.

About Isaac Daniel: Chief Executive Officer, Isaac S. Daniel, is the visionary force behind the VAX Passbook. An inventor and designer of high-tech products, Daniel leads a group of companies that integrate innovation, corporate responsibility, and community consciousness. Daniel is a former scientific analyst for The United Nations. His passion for technology and innovation has led to over 500 patents and patents-pending in the United States. The original inventor of GPS embedded shoes, Daniel has created multiple products and services integrating GPS positioning technology, biometrics, multimedia, and fintech. His products can be used to connect people worldwide and have been integrated for use in social media, workforce management, public safety, and other industry-specific applications.

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