New virtual conference hosted by Casa will unlock the secret of digital keys

New virtual conference hosted by Casa will unlock the secret of digital keys

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NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2020

Keyfest explores how cryptographic keys will shape the future of digital privacy and security

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The worlds of Bitcoin and security technology converge in January to discuss the future of Bitcoin and explore how cryptographic keys are shaping every aspect of our lives, from digital money to free speech and government.

Keyfest is a free virtual festival hosted by Casa, the bitcoin security and personal key management experts, which celebrates the past, present, and future of the technologies that ensure our digital autonomy, security, and privacy.

The event, which runs online from 5-7 January, 2021, comprises a series of fireside chats, rapid-fire discussions, and workshops to help attendees understand the crucial role that private key technology plays in securing our digital footprint, both today and in the years to come. The event programming is scheduled to follow the third-annual "Proof of Keys" day (January 3), a celebration encouraging investors to reclaim their monetary autonomy by moving their funds to a personal bitcoin storage solution.

Speakers including angel investor and entrepreneur Balaji S. Srinivasan, Avanti CEO Caitlin Long, and Human Rights Foundation Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein, will join Casa's CTO Jameson Lopp and CEO Nick Neuman to provide answers to some of the burning questions surrounding the future of Bitcoin and digital privacy.

"Cryptographic keys are probably the most important technology of the digital age, but they rarely get the recognition they deserve," said Jameson / Nick. "Without cryptographic keys, online security or privacy simply wouldn't exist, and neither would the digital services we take for granted, whether it's shopping, banking or Bitcoin.

"The rise of Bitcoin has thrown the spotlight on cryptographic keys. But "personal keys," as we call them at Casa, as they relate to ownership of a person's Bitcoin is only the beginning: in the neathey will be crucial for a whole range of digital interactions, promising to transform free speech, digital surveillance, the future of finance and even the nature of government itself. That's why Casa invites everyone - from HODLers to investors, cypherpunks to new Bitcoiners - to celebrate personal keys and learn more about their role in securing our digital future," he continued.

The three-day event is structured around three themes exploring the past, present and future of cryptographic keys. The first day will examine the origins of cypherpunk, including how the vision and development of Bitcoin became a reality; day two discusses present day digitized finance, including its applications for Bitcoin custody and self-custody. The final day will look to the future, including how to create a more secure, trusted "digital utopia" through optimal key management practices.

Those interested in attending Keyfest can register via the Crowdcast event page.

About Casa

Casa is the secure home for your Bitcoin. The company builds tools at the forefront of Bitcoin self-custody, enabling individuals to take control of their wealth by holding their own Bitcoin private keys in an easy and secure manner. Casa is building for a future where self-custody is default, and every individual, family, and business can freely manage their own wealth and personal data. Learn more about Casa on our website.

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