Business Reporter: Tackling online advertising fraud

Business Reporter: Tackling online advertising fraud

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LONDON, Dec. 17, 2020

Mimicking consumer behaviour is the key to effectively and successfully tackling ad fraud

LONDON, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Online advertising fraud will cost businesses $35 billion in 2020, more than credit card fraud. In an article published in Business Reporter, the data collection company Luminati Networks describes how digital ad fraud works and the effect it has on consumer trust as well as on advertising effectiveness.

Fraudsters profit by creating fake online activity which can see them deceive both users and advertisers, all whilst defrauding businesses. This typically involves creating false social media impressions, inflating app store downloads, generating fake clicks on adverts, or posting fake reviews.

Advertisers need to ensure that their content reaches real people in the demographic they are aiming to influence. This is the only way to ensure advertising budgets are being spent effectively and efficiently. In order to verify and test their advertising campaigns, businesses need a way of viewing the internet through the eyes of the consumers they are targeting.

But monitoring campaigns manually or via a data centre-generated IP address can enable fraudsters to identify you and quickly cover their tracks.

The key to fighting ad fraud is to use technology that mimics real users. This prevents fraudsters from knowing that they are being watched. By using a data collection network based on IP proxy networks such as what Luminati provides, it is possible to simulate the presence of real website users and generate reliable data about campaign effectiveness. Given the continued growth in online advertising, this precaution is essential.

To learn more about combating advertising fraud, read the article.

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About Luminati Networks

Luminati Networks is an online data collection company dedicated to enabling businesses and organisations to view the internet with complete transparency. Businesses gather openly available online data for reasons such as checking competitor prices or ensuring that advertising isn't affected by malware. This requires online data collection technology that can mimic real users as well as test and verify your advertising campaigns in real time. This technology also gathers reliable up-to-date online data in an ethical manner.


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