Thrasio Commits £200 million to Acquire UK Ecommerce and Amazon Businesses; Announces its 11th UK Acquisition

Thrasio Commits £200 million to Acquire UK Ecommerce and Amazon Businesses; Announces its 11th UK Acquisition

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LONDON, Dec. 17, 2020

The largest global acquirer of Amazon brands makes its largest commitment to date, significantly expanding operations in the UK.

LONDON, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Thrasio announced a commitment of £200 million to complete acquisitions of UK companies as well as the addition of Maximo Fitness, its 11th UK acquisition. The significant expansion of operations in the UK, Amazon's third largest market in the world with over 300,000 FBA sellers, will also include the opening of a London office. The move comes on the heels of Thrasio's nearly £175 million expansion into Amazon stronghold Germany earlier this month. Thrasio has acquired and operated Amazon businesses throughout the Pan-European region since 2018, and category-leading brands including Beast Gear, CoffeeGator, Chalktastic are expected to generate £75-100 million in revenue from the EU region in 2021.

"Thrasio is committed in all respects to helping sellers achieve the best possible exit for their business, most especially in the UK where Brexit has introduced a level of urgency and complexity," says Thrasio President Danny Boockvar. "Our teams know how to structure UK deals to maximize speed and simplicity and ensure Sellers high returns through effective use of tax relief tools. We close more than 95% of the deals we enter, most within 35 days. This level of experience and consistency is critical to delivering value to sellers who have worked hard to grow their businesses and have earned a fair, fast, and reliable deal."

"We have already seen success both in acquiring unique UK-based brands and in selling our US-based products on Amazon's UK marketplace," adds Thrasio COO Stephanie Fox. "We're approaching 600 people managing 10,000 products with an unmatched track record of optimizing and scaling the brands we acquire. Our talented team and operating strengths turn these unique UK private label products into highly competitive global brands."

After bringing an FBA brand into Thrasio, the company's operations and marketing divisions identify the optimal approach to package, promote, and expand these brands - both on and off Amazon, and in the UK and globally. With direct to consumer and retail teams, sellers are starting to see their brands in places they always envisioned but couldn't penetrate. And with performance-based incentives as part of each deal, Amazon entrepreneurs share the benefits. On average, Thrasio's earn-outs increase the size of sellers' total payout by more than 37%. Continues Fox, "They trust their creations under our management because we've proven our staying power and our operating experience cannot be beaten. Sellers see their vision continue to grow - as well as their bank account balance!"

"Approximately ninety percent of the UK population are Amazon users. has a highly engaged community that generates almost 2 million reviews each month for Amazon marketplace products," said John Hefter, SVP of Creative & Brand Strategy. "We are excited to bring thousands of new highly rated products into the Thrasio family, and especially excited to add Maximo Fitness, the leading exercise mat/yoga mat provider in the UK. More than that, we look forward to adding millions of happy customers across the continent in the coming years."

The new Thrasio UK office is led by Director of UK Acquisitions Jim Mann, a former 7-figure FBA seller who understands the emotions and decisions sellers face when determining the right time to sell. His London-based team is available to work with sellers at every stage to help them through that process. UK-based businesses who would like to learn more about Thrasio's evaluation criteria or operating approach should contact or visit

About Thrasio

Thrasio is the world's largest acquirer of Amazon third-party private label businesses, having integrated scores of businesses into their industry-leading operating platform. The Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) ecosystem acts as a unique launchpad for brand success, but as small sellers' niche brands evolve into multimillion-dollar businesses, they become complex and capital constrained, prompting many sellers to seek a successful exit. Thrasio purchases these category-leading brands - known for selling everyday products - for a typical purchase price of $1+ million, giving small business owners their hard-won payout. Thrasio then onboards, optimizes, and operates this suite of brands, expanding their reach through marketing, search, product development, and supply chain management, leading to substantial financial and operating growth. Thrasio products have been the trusted items that consumers turned to for their lockdown needs, including fitness equipment from Beast Gear, coffee essentials from Coffee Gator, and art supplies from Crafts4All. For more information, visit

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