Kando improves wastewater operations for Dutch utility, Brabantse Delta

Kando improves wastewater operations for Dutch utility, Brabantse Delta

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TSUR YIGAL, Israel, Dec. 18, 2020

TSUR YIGAL, Israel, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In September 2019, the Dutch Water Board, Brabantse Delta, partnered with Kando to trace the source of unknown pH fluctuations in their wastewater network. Running until February 2020, the project successfully identified the contributors responsible for the disruptive discharge, enabling the Water Board to act decisively, protecting their WWTPs, and maintaining a high level of service.

Waterschap Brabantse Delta

Brabantse Delta is a Water Board located in the Netherlands, whose 17 WWTPs provide wastewater services across 21 municipalities of Central and West Brabant. The area's topography is hugely diverse, with the region including environments ranging from high sandy soils, low lying polders, clay beds, nature reserves, and arable land, to large industrial and urban areas. The demands placed on the water board to preserve and support all these ecosystems' differing needs are similarly variable. Only adding to this complexity, the Dutch water industry is very much decentralized, leading the water board to collaborate with many different external organizations, such as municipalities, regulators, and third-party labs to achieve their ambitious ecological and performance targets.

Such a complicated structure creates the need for efficient and effective communication between stakeholders – something difficult to implement without clear and easily communicable datapoints underpinning targets and decision-making. A major advantage of Kando's solution was that its data aggregation and analytics capabilities could be accessed directly by multiple stakeholders if necessary and used to identify shared problems and agree on appropriate actions.

Over the course of the six-month project, Kando detected 92 pollution events, 37% of which were attributed to one specific source, a vegetable factory. Kando's insights enabled Brabantse Delta to engage with the polluter and change their behavior. As a result, the water board's treatment facilities function improved, minimizing disruptions, improving effluent compliance, and lowering OPEX.

Working with Kando enabled Brabantse Delta to pinpoint and trace suspicious activity in the wastewater network, focussing and improving their decision-making. Kando's service also allowed the board to easily and effectively communicate with external organizations, such as the regulators, laboratories, and municipalities, helping to coordinate their responses and achieve their shared goals.

Quote: Steven Marijnissen,
Water Chain Technologist, Brabantse Delta 
Kando's solution allowed us to immediately understand where within the purification network we needed to look in order to detect the anticipated event and its source. This allowed us to execute a very specific and effective search while dealing with all the other activities present in that region.

CONTACT: Jenny Gelman, jenny@kando.eco

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