SeekaHost University eLearning Website Announces Web App Integration: Teaching The Next Generation of Digital Workers

SeekaHost University eLearning Website Announces Web App Integration: Teaching The Next Generation of Digital Workers

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LONDON, Dec. 20, 2020

LONDON, Dec. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Because the year 2020 has put remote and online work in the spotlight, the top digital entrepreneur in London, Fernando Raymond, and his SeekaHost Team have decided to unite their digital marketing eLearning platform with their unique blog hosting control panel that has just been launched in December 2020.

The goal is to enable anyone to learn the digital skills for online work hands-on, with a focus on digital marketing and blogging, by applying these when setting up their own website through the panel in less than 60 seconds.

Benefits of this Collaboration for the Digital Worker

Through connecting both the innovative WordPress private blog hosting services solution with the SeekaHost University, the vision is that online students and workers learn to get online super-fast starting with one website in the blog hosting control panel, where they can access SEO tools like Clicky and Google Analytics to practice the SEO skills taught in the SEO Training Course, Local SEO Blueprint or SEO Content Writing course.

If students already have one or several WordPress sites, they can easily migrate them into the SeekaHost Control Panel with the help of the SeekaHost Support Team.

Once they have completed those courses and want to advance their skills, the control panel will provide the option of multiple IP address hosting for various WordPress sites in one place. By logging into their SeekaHost Web portal their dashboard will display all their domains, which they can manage from there, including tracking their performance or registering and buying new domains or expired domains.

Building reader friendly SEO optimized WordPress blogs is one of the core strategies taught in the SEO Training Course presented by the top SEO Consultant at ClickDo, Fernando Raymond. Hence why he is so excited about this collaboration, explaining:

"I had to learn SEO and digital marketing the hard way, testing on-page, off-page SEO and link building myself on various domains. This process took time, cost money and was complicated. I want to enable everybody to learn these skills in an easier and quicker way. Therefore, me and my team at ClickDo and SeekaHost have created various online courses and are building the custom-designed control panel in the SeekaHost App. It will be a game changer to learning and applying SEO on WordPress sites as we combine e-learning with e-working."

Special Features Accessible For SeekaHost University Students

The ClickDo web developers have custom-built the WordPress web hosting control panel, which is unique in the web hosting market. It is specifically designed for the end user and its special features will allow students at SeekaHost University to:

Why Learn Digital Skills in 2021?

The World Economic Forum highlighted the shortage of digital skills in 2020 and the European Commission predicted there could be nearly 800,000 jobs available in the European ICT sector this year. This clearly highlights the lack of competent digital workers being able to apply digital skills in their work.

SeekaHost University was established with the mission to help people learn digital marketing skills through affordable or even free online training courses. And now it can go one step further by offering its students access to a blog hosting control panel that will provide them with the perfect starting point and learning canvas. Plus providing them with opportunities to grow their own websites and blogs by guest posting on selected sites that are part of the SeekaHost network.

With the ultimate goal to eventually earn a living from the digital work they have learned and done, be it through their own blogs or by selling their services to clients.

At SeekaHost everyone believes that the future of online and remote work is bright, and all the work goes into preparing young and old for moving their work online.

About SeekaHost University: an eLearning website with a twist

Providing digital marketing courses since 2018 this platform has grown and expanded over the last years under the management of SEO agency ClickDo, whose digital marketing experts have put together comprehensive training courses for SEO, social media marketing, content writing and Google Ads. Utilizing the benefits of being a subsidiary of SeekaHost Ltd. the platform can offer its students much more than just online training with opportunities for virtual internships, guest posting and access to a unique blog hosting control panel.

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PR Strategist, ClickDo and SeekaHost 
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