Leadstar Media AB launch three new products

Leadstar Media AB launch three new products

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STOCKHOLM, Dec. 28, 2020

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Igaming affiliate company Leadstar Media has successfully launched three additional new products. The products target new markets for the company in Hungary and Finland, while Spain and LatAm have been the targets for further growth.

The new products are sportfogadasioldalak.com for the Hungarian market, bonosdebienvenida.com for the Spanish market and vedonlyontisivustoni.com for the Finnish market.

Eskil Kvarnström, co-founder and CEO of Leadstar Media, said:

- We already have products in Spain and other Spanish speaking markets but Hungary and Finland are new markets for us. We've experienced great growth in Spain and LatAm this year so will be continuing to expand in these emerging markets. Finland is long overdue. We've been active in all the other Nordic countries for many years now and we've had our eyes on Finland for a while. I believe Hungary is an overlooked European market where online betting possesses great potential for further growth. 

Leadstar Media creates products that compare online sportsbooks with the goal of raising the standard for comparison sites. All products are created by people with a passion for sports betting and a high level of SEO knowledge.

Oscar Carlsson, co-founder and COO of Leadstar Media, said:

- I'm proud to say that we managed to keep a tight deadline and launch before the new year. We've structured the organization in a way that allows us to scale quickly. Everything from optimizing the technical platform, making the right hires and prioritizing learning in-house. Our team has a passion for what they do which is our biggest advantage. The whole ecosystem is very streamlined, which puts us in a good position to roll out new products when we see an opportunity. 

SEO is Leadstar Media's core strength and it will continue to be the focus for the new products in order to acquire traffic from high-intention users and to send FTD's to their partners. The company expects to see the new products provide valuable traffic in time for the Euros next year. 

With the three new products added to their portfolio, Leadstar Media now operates more than 45 sites in over 20 geographical markets. The company has launched a total of 12 new products this year, while growing existing products and keeping profit margins stable.


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