En+ Group Metals segment becomes a member of the Japan Climate Leaders' partnership (JCLP)

En+ Group Metals segment becomes a member of the Japan Climate Leaders' partnership (JCLP)

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TOKYO, Dec. 29, 2020

TOKYO, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  En+ Group, the world's leading producer of low carbon aluminium and largest private sector generator of hydropower, is pleased to announce that RUSAL, company of the Group's metal segment, has become a member of the JCLP, a powerful coalition of businesses seeking to advance the goals of decarbonisation and sustainable business.

RUSAL is proud to join the 163 companies of the JCLP, and contribute to its important work, which focuses on the communication of business trends, innovations and analysis for a low-carbon, and ultimately a carbon free, future. The JCLP's focus on integrating climate change efforts into core business practices and strategies aligns with the goals of RUSAL, and the company is excited to embark on this partnership, and contribute to its aims.

The admission of En+ Group's company into the JCLP also represents an important step for low-carbon aluminium, as a material that is sustainably produced and which can power Japan's economy as it builds a sustainable economy which can deliver upon the Government's 2050 Net Zero emissions Target. RUSAL's membership of the JCLP can serve to highlight the crucial role played by sustainable producers of low-carbon aluminium, and raise awareness of the availability of this vital material so heavily relied upon in industries such as the automotive, construction and packaging.

Ayumi Murakami, Representative Director of the RUSAL's office in Tokyo, commented: "I am pleased that RUSAL has joined the JCLP. RUSAL supports the Partnership's important work and is delighted to be able to contribute to its efforts. We are pleased to see low-carbon aluminium recognized as an important facet of decarbonisation ambitions and hope that membership of the JCLP will further promote the use of aluminium produced in a sustainable way that minimizes emissions. RUSAL would like to thank the JCLP for its support, and looks forward to working as part of a business coalition for the achievement of a zero-emissions Japan."

About En+ Group

En+ Group is the world's leading international vertically integrated aluminium and power producer. The Company combines power plants with a total installed capacity of 19.6 GW (including 15.1 GW of hydro power assets), and 3.9 mt of annual aluminium production capacity (through a controlling stake in RUSAL, the world's largest aluminium producer ex-China in 2018) which is the major consumer of En+ Group's hydroelectricity.


RUSAL is the leader of the global aluminium industry. In 2019, the Company accounted for approximately 5% of global production of aluminium. RUSAL's offices are based in 20 countries across five continents. RUSAL common stock is traded at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (trade code – 486). RUSAL's ordinary shares are traded on the Moscow Exchange (trade code – RUAL).

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