Crystalead Offers Short-Term Campaigning Programs, Tailored for Holiday Season

Crystalead Offers Short-Term Campaigning Programs, Tailored for Holiday Season

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LONDON, Jan. 4, 2021

LONDON, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In preparation for the 2020 holiday season, digital marketing firm Crystalead has announced it is putting an emphasis on shorter-term campaigning plans, designed for more immediate revenue. This is a result of a rising demand for this kind of activity among new users, as well as an understanding that this holiday season is going to be different than others. "We know people have less free income this year, due to the COVID-19," said Johnathan Greenwood, spokesperson for Crystalead, "and we felt we needed to find a way to help them make this holiday season as regular as possible, considering the circumstances. That's why we're offering shorter campaign options, for all budgets."

Lead generation: bringing traditional and new strategies together

At the base of lead generation campaigning lies the understanding that in today's reality, online ads are not enough to close a sale. Advertisers need to think outside the box in order to sell and to increase the number of return customers. That's why they should focus on engaging with potential buyers with the purpose of gaining contact details from them. At that stage, 'offline' marketers come into play and do their magic via phone calls or direct meetings.

In Crystalead's platform and with an initial budget, online campaigners can create and publish campaigns using a simple, 3-step funnel. The results comes in the form of commissions for every lead generated and submitted to the advertising business. Now campaigners are able to plan their campaigns in a manner which can help them perform to help cover expenditures having to do with the holiday season, such as gift shopping, vacation planning and so on. "We've always been there for our clients when they needed us. It's at the base of our beliefs as a company," summed up Greenwood.

About Crystalead

Founded in 2020, Crystalead has already become a key digital marketing platform, offering lead generation services to clients around the world. With its state-of-the-art platform, lead generators are able to create campaigns, launch them, and achieve results quickly and simply. A team of dedicated account managers assist the clients in analyzing campaign results, in order to ensure improvement in the process. Crystalead's support team is also at users' side, for any question that may come up, via email or direct messaging service.



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