FitTrack Review: Smart BMI Digital Scale For Fitness Goals

FitTrack Review: Smart BMI Digital Scale For Fitness Goals

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NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FitTrack has grown in popularity as it helps maintain proper body weight by keeping track of body composition. It is a smart scale that has the look of a regular body scale but with a difference. It holds the user accountable to maintain and follow their fitness goals. It tracks the user's BMI and keeps them updated on their performance. When people exercise or diet, they fail to understand that unless the diet and exercise is tracked, they cannot achieve their goals. They need to understand the body's composition and what makes fat settle down in some parts of the body. 

Body composition describes the quantity of fat, water, muscle, and bone in one's body. It describes a person's weight more accurately and better foretaste a person's overall health scientifically. Measuring body composition helps identify areas to focus on so that the overall health can be improved. FitTrack scale is a popular method that uses advanced BIA technology to measure Body Composition accurately. 

BIA refers to Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology. Precise weight measurements can guarantee the highest body composition measurement accuracy. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a modern, successful method for measuring body composition. It is based on the rate at which electrical signals travel through a person's body. The fat tissues in the muscles offer greater resistance (impedance) than fat-free tissues. This difference in impedance is measured, and relative equations are developed. Using these equations, the Fittrack monitor creates an analysis using BIA scales to give accurate values for body composition.

According to the designers of this scale, FitTrack can track 17 health measurements accurately. These vitals include body mass index, the mass of the bone, protein generation, and hydration level. Using these important details, one can analyze body composition and take the necessary steps required to keep the body in good condition. Designers also assure customers that they never share personal data with other users. Every piece of information that is entered into FitTrack is 100% safe and secure. The FitTrack BIA scale is claimed to be the most reliable and accurate measurement in the market because it has been widely used in various independent research studies. Also, many users vouch for the fact that this is the most clinically accurate body mass measuring method compared to other products in the market. 

When a person stands on the FitTrack monitor, a safe and very low electrical signal is sent from four of the metal electrodes in the device. These electrical signals pass through the feet to the legs to the abdomen. When they pass quickly through the hydrated muscles, resistance is generated by the fat tissues because of the water present in the muscles. This resistance, called impedance, is measured by the FitTrack monitor and equations are developed scientifically. These equations are validated to calculate the person's body composition. Manufacturers claim that this scale can provide accurate measurements within 20 seconds. 

FitTrack scale has been designed to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds (181.437 kilograms). This scale can also be used as an ordinary scale without recording the user's weight on the app. Besides English, this smart body scale supports multiple languages like German, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. The advantage of FitTrack is that it is integrated with the scale and can instantly be linked to 8 different accounts so that users can easily track their entire family's health. Parents can track their baby's weight by using the "Baby Mode". MUST SEE: "Shocking New FitTrack Report – This May Change Your Mind"

The designers guarantee 100 % accurate measurements and, usually, BIA devices are considered to be safe for all ages. However, people who have heart issues need to talk to their physicians about using a BIA scale. Also, people with a pacemaker or any other electronic medical implant, should not use a body composition monitor. This is because the electrical signals traveling through the body can meddle with its operation. A 30 day, 100 % percent money back guarantee is also provided.

Though various factors affect the accuracy of weight measurement technologies, a regularly used BIA scale can show changes in a person's body fat eventually. Tracking these changes is an effective method for controlling one's body weight. As there is a constant shift in food practices and work culture, more and more people are getting obese these days. Hence, there is a huge rise in the demand for weight control devices and therapies. The FitTrack BIA scale is definitely a successful product as it has proved to give accurate body composition measurements in many users.

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