Draft Top Opener Review: Topless Canned Drink Bar Tool

Draft Top Opener Review: Topless Canned Drink Bar Tool

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NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Draft Top is a compact pocket bar tool that helps people enjoy the aroma and flavor of their canned drinks by cutting off the aluminum top safely and grabbing the drink directly from the can. The attractiveness of removing the entire top is that people can experience the complete taste without feeling the metal rim. In addition, the use of Draft Top ensures that users can play games with their drinks too.

Drinking directly from the can is usually not safe – the danger lying in a sharp metal that can cut the delicate. The use of a device like Draft Top enables the user to use the can like a glass. So instead of pouring the drink into the glass, they can open the can and enjoy the drink topless. Some drinks often lose their wished-for taste when transferred from the original container to a glass. This tool helps users enjoy their relished canned drink in its original flavor. Draft Top also gives a soft edge without hurting users because it ensures no sharp edges of the metal rims left behind. Usual can openers take a lot of time and require a particular strategy to open and sometimes even cause physical harm to hands, tongues and lips.

In contrast to other can openers, Draft Top has blades that use pressure to work on edges of the metal can efficiently. They also remove the center of the lid without leaving any piece of material that is sharp. This ensures that there are no pointed ends of the rim left behind that could cause an injury to the user's lips otherwise.

Why would anyone want to miss the full experience and enjoyment of drinking by transferring the drink to a glass when one can now pop the whole drink while using this Draft Top? Manufacturers of this device say that this tool is highly reliable and safe for use.

This improved stainless device functions by spreading four of its slitters towards the can's rim from the center. It separates the top and after removal of the rim, it folds over itself so that a smooth surface is provided for a safe and comfortable drinking experience. Moreover, the device allows people to spice up the soda seltzer with a slice of lime or a cocktail. This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so in case of dissatisfaction, this can be availed.

Draft Top is convenient to use and does not require any specific expertise. Firstly, the handle of the tool has to be raised. The user has to place the device on top of the can squeezing and rotating it simultaneously. Then a soft downward push is required so that the stretching begins on the can. Four slitters are provided inside the Draft Top to help open and fold the lid simultaneously as it turns to make sure that there are no sharp edges left behind on the can. Once this process is over, the user can suitably store the top in a safe place and enjoy the drink. This tool is easy to carry and can be kept in a bag or a pocket. Since it is made using high grade stainless steel material, it is corrosion resistant and can be washed easily.

People who are planning on a travel or a party can carry this can opener along with them as it can perfectly fit in the pocket. Additionally, this particular tool has worked well with millions of cans and has proved to be effective and safe as it does not leave any serrated edges. Users have also stated that it does not get rusted and is easily storable. It is so designed so that it can be used effectively in every walk of life.

The restaurant and bar industry is growing popular day by day and entrepreneurs are in the run to develop innovative ways to meet demands effectively. One of the successful ways is by offering customers a handy equipment for removing the can tops, so that they can enjoy their drink completely. This can make customers happy, as it provides a hassle-free drinking experience and they tend to grab more drinks. The Draft Top is definitely a smart tool, which is easy to use by everyone and works efficiently to give users a wonderful drinking experience!

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