The Promotion Article of Mountain Huangshan: Reality Transcends the Dream was published on the website of Russian newspaper

The Promotion Article of Mountain Huangshan: Reality Transcends the Dream was published on the website of Russian newspaper

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HEFEI, China, Jan. 8, 2021

HEFEI, China, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province, on December 22, 2020, local time, a tourism promotion article, namely Mountain Huangshan: Reality Transcends the Dream was published on the website of Russian newspaper (Rossiyskaya Gazeta). A Russian media professional experienced the landscape and culture of Anhui Province.   

Anhui Province is famous for its graceful mountains. Mount Huangshan, located in south Huangshan City, is a bright pearl of this natural wonders. Mount Huangshan is one of the Top 10 tourist attractions in China, with the honor of being the World Nature Heritage, World Culture Heritage and World Geological Park at the same time. Mount Huangshan,with a geological history of more than 800 million years, has experienced orogeny, crustal uplift, glaciation and natural weathering, forming the magnificent and beautiful landscape today.  

Mount Huangshan has 72 peaks, and the top of Mount Huangshan is 1864.8 meters above the sea level. There are three main peaks called Lotus Peak, Bright Summit Peak and Celestial Capital Peak.    

The splendor and magnificence of Mount Huangshan are represented as "five wonders and three waterfalls". The fantastic Huangshan pines, the grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds, the hot springs and the winter snow are called "five wonders". Renzi waterfall, Baizhang spring and nine dragons waterfall are mentioned as "three waterfalls".

The spirit of perseverance -- wonderous Huangshan Pines

The wonderous Huangshan pines in Huangshan are famous all over the world for its indomitable spirit. The well-known one is called "Guest-Greeting pine". It grows on the green lion stone with 10 meters high, at least 800 years old, which is the landmark landscape of Mount Huangshan. The gracious image of the welcoming pine, carrying the oriental culture of embracing the world, has become a symbol of peace and friendship between China and the people around the world.

Lively Grotesque Rocks

There are more than 120 grotesque rocks in Mount Huangshan. Some of them are like rare animals, some of them are like some kinds of human figures, and some of them are like different kinds of articles. They are either similar in shape or expression, which is fascinating.

Unpredictable sea clouds

The sea of clouds between the peaks and gullies are illusory with thousands of images. Since ancient times, people have regarded the sea of clouds as the first wonder the Mount Huangshan. The clouds and mist are so dreamlike and fleeting that the scenery changes greatly. When the sea of clouds fades, the wisps of floating clouds like a veil floating among the mountains, which are enchanting.

Gentle comfort -- hot spring

Huangshan Hot Spring originates from the south foot of Ziyun peak and the North Bank of tangquanxi with an altitude of 850m. The water is mainly composed of bicarbonate without sulfur, and it can be drunk and bathed. This spring has been famous for thousands of years since it was firstly developed in Tang Dynasty. After climbing the Mount Huangshan, visitors can take a rest and enjoy the hot spring to relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It's more comfortable than any other choices.

The fairyland on earth -- Winter Snow

The winter season of Mount Huangshan is different with that of north China. When winter cold wave came in the mountain, the snowflakes swirled and floated on the mountain. The hills, pines and grotesque rocks were covered with white snow and all these images were intelligently integrated together.

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