Tej Kohli Robotics Project Marks One Year of Helping Younger People

Tej Kohli Robotics Project Marks One Year of Helping Younger People

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LONDON, Jan. 11, 2021

LONDON, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tej Kohli #FutureBionics program of the not-for-profit Tej Kohli Foundation has marked its one-year anniversary by delivering a new 3D-printed robotic Hero Arm to a teenage performer who has a big ambition to normalise disability in musical theatre. 

18-year-old Gracie McGonigal was born without her left hand.  From a young age she showed a natural talent for performance, and in 2020 graduated from the BRIT School in London, whose famous alumni include Adele, Leona Lewis and Katie Melua. In October 2020 Gracie started studying at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. 

Gracie's story is being captured in a YouTube series at: https://youtu.be/V8jrew3nlAA

Ellen McGonigal, Gracie's mother, said:

"I secretly knew from about age 6 that Gracie was walking out of the door and placing her prosthetic arm into her school bag as she left. But the Hero Arm can do things that regular prosthetics cannot and now Gracie feels confident and ready to take on the world!"

Tej Kohli launched the #FutureBionics program in 2019 to fund 3D printed bionic arms for limb different younger people. The first recipient was 10-year-old Jacob from Blackburn, who one year on from receiving his new Hero Arm has started learning to play the guitar.

Kathryn Litherland, Jacob's mother, said:

"Jacob was interested in learning the guitar in primary school but was told that it wasn't practical.  He was very upset. Now with his bionic arm he is finally learning to play the guitar. Jacob's motivation and confidence have grown beyond belief this year."

Tej Kohli, founder of the Tej Kohli Foundation, said:

"We encountered some hurdles in 2020 which temporarily slowed us down, but I am resolved not to let anything get in the way of our plans in 2021. I am going to keep giving back and keep helping these amazing young people and the many others like them."

About The Tej Kohli Foundation

Tej Kohli is a technologist and investor whose interests including Zibel Real Estate and dynacart as well as a $100m investment into the Rewired robotics studio. Tej Kohli set up the not-for-profit Tej Kohli Foundation in 2006 after selling his e-commerce company. The foundation is committed to rebuilding people and communities around the world using science and technology. In 2019 alone it cured the blindness of 5,736 people in India.



Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5MTt8QX-7c




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