Insights into the Russian Smart Home Market Delivered at ABC Conference 2021

Insights into the Russian Smart Home Market Delivered at ABC Conference 2021

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DUSSELDORF, Germany, Feb. 1, 2021

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The second stop of the AI+IoT Business Conference Europe, organized by Tuya Smart, a leading IoT platform provider, was all about Russia and its latest smart home insights and impacts on every sector and business. The European tour of the AI+IoT Business Conference will stop at ten countries to delve into the current situation and future of smart business in the region and analyze the development trends and direction of the smart industry as a whole. The first stop ended in Italy on January 19.

Kristina Wu, Director of Business Development for the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) from Tuya Smart, gave detailed insights into the Russian market's development. According to GfK monitoring, an average of 100,000 smart home devices worth 23.5 million euros are sold every month in Russia. According to GfK analysts, the main factors of the future success of the smart home segment in Russia are functional clarity, usefulness, availability, and openness of systems, so that the consumer can independently connect devices from different manufacturers with each other.

Stanislav Soltitckii, Deputy Director of Strategic Development from Marvel Distribution, sees a clear trend in smart bulbs. He identifies the following drivers:

Olga Scheglova, Head of Alice and Smart Home Partnership from Yandex, sees the massive trend of voice assistants. According to the latest spontaneous knowledge surveys, the voice assistant Alice is an undisputed leader in Russia. 85% of the participants mentioned Alice as the voice assistant they're most familiar with. Alice processes over one billion voice queries and has a monthly audience of 45 million users on all platforms. With lighting as one of the most popular product categories in IoT, Alice turns on the light in people's homes five million times a month. But also smart sockets, switches, TVs, vacuum cleaners, thermostats, curtains, and humidifiers are among the most popular IoT categories, with over 90% of all voice requests made to interact with devices in these categories.

Evgeniy Oystacher, Senior Partner, and Dmitry Kvasnikov, Head of Smart Home Products, from EKF, also see the trend in choosing for their needs the Zigbee protocol instead of Wi-Fi for all devices. The Wi-Fi protocol is only needed where a lot of data is transmitted, such as a camera. And for smart home devices, it is better to use a protocol designed with smart devices in mind, such as Zigbee. Due to the low data transfer rate, Zigbee also has low power consumption. An intelligent switch or sensor can work for up to 5 years or more with a single small CR2032 battery.

To view the conference presentations, please register at The next stop of the AI+IoT Business Conference will be in Netherlands on February 2, where industry leaders, including Lily Jong, CEO of PVG Holding BV, Bas de Cocq van Delwijnen, COO of WOOX, and Flora Lyu, Head of Benelux, Eurasia from Tuya Smart will provide insights into the Dutch market.

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