DCM Group Launches New Online Trading Brand

DCM Group Launches New Online Trading Brand

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ROSEAU, Commonwealth of Dominica, Feb. 3, 2021

ROSEAU, Commonwealth of Dominica, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- After 27 years of experience in the financial and brokerage sectors, world renowned group DCM has announced that it is entering the online trading world, with its own website and brand digitalcurrencymarket.io. This move has been long anticipated by financial analysts worldwide, due to the success of the company as a trusted hedge fund institution in over 160 countries.

As part of the brand's launching, digitalcurrencymarket.io is offering new traders a bonus policy, including attractive features aimed at achieving higher trading profits. All information regarding these bonuses can be found on the company's brand new website, along with other useful tools such as trading signals, market analyses, education center, and more.

A brand you can trust

"We are excited to enter this new environment, and we're certain that we are bringing to the table something that digital traders won't find anywhere else," said DCM spokesperson Harry Serenovich in regard to the news. "With a track record of excelling at all financial fields we've entered, this new venture is bound to help online traders unleash the full potential in them."

Among the new features DCM is introducing to the online trading world is a wider account type standard. Traders choosing to do business via the company's platform can now choose from seven different types of accounts, suited to different trading levels, budgets and goals. A saving account is also being offered for the first time, intended for traders with a long-term vision on investment.

"We're just getting started here, so there are plenty more benefits to come for those choosing to work with us," promised Serenovich. "We'll have more news on that in the near future, but I can already say there's definitely something worth waiting for."

About DCM

Founded in 1994, DCM began its way as a hedge fund serving corporate clients. Today the company turns to private retail traders as well, and digitalcurrencymarket.io is just one of several new ventures taken by it in the financial world. On this new trading website, users get access to a variety of different assets, including the most prominent and promising stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies. DCM accepts deposits and withdrawals using debit and credit cards, as well as wire transfers. All services are provided in both German and English, through a variety of communication channels.


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