Qintess sets out its social responsibility and sustainability indicators

Qintess sets out its social responsibility and sustainability indicators

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SÃO PAULO, 8 February 2021

Last year, the company invested R$1.6 million in responsibility actions. Its goal is to invest R$10 million by 2025

SÃO PAULO, 8 February 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Qintess, the supplier of technology solutions recognised as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the country, plans to invest R$10 million by 2025 in order to foster entrepreneurship, diversity and social innovation in Brazil, facilitating access to afro-descendants, LGBTI+ and people with disabilities, among other representatives of diversity who are able to contribute to the development of innovation in the country.  In 2020 alone, the company surpassed R$1.6 million in responsibility actions.  

In addition, the company is remodelling itself in order to strengthen its environmental, social and management practices, with initiatives that are set out in the first edition of its Sustainability Report. "We're preparing to work with a more inclusive and sustainable business model, based on pillars underpinning ethical relations with suppliers and clients, adding value to them, as well as supporting the communities we work in, while generating long-term value for shareholders", explained Nana Baffour, chairman, CEO & Chief Culture Officer at Qintess.

Another important point for the company is the professional development of partners and the implementation of actions and partnerships that stimulate a culture of diversity and inclusivity. In fact, at Qintess, approximately 40% of women occupy management roles, almost 28% of employees are Black and 9% of people identify as LGBTI+, figures that exceed those of the market landscape.

"We're making an effort to fine-tune our culture and look after everyone. During the pandemic, we have offered free psychological support, we ran campaigns on health, nutritional planning and personal finance", says Nana, remembering that in 2020 the company became a partner of UN Women, as well as creating a Women's Leadership group and launching a Diversity and Inclusivity Group, which is led by a trans woman. The company also adhered to the 10 Commitments of the Forum on Companies and LGBTI+ Rights.

Inclusivity and growth acceleration

The promotion of inclusivity in the technology market and the commitment to an ecosystem of diversity is in full swing: Qintess has agreed a partnership with Vale do Dendê, an innovation centre for the outskirts of Salvador, where it is accelerating the growth of 10 companies, as well as having launched the "Talent Academies", which will train 80 young people as IT developers. The work will get under way in 2021: the company is currently in the application phase for the Novos Mundos Academy, which will train 40 young people from Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza and may be expanded to train 700 young people from all over the country.


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