Start-up platform,, sparks in growth in Canada and US despite COVID's impact on the hospitality market

Start-up platform,, sparks in growth in Canada and US despite COVID's impact on the hospitality market

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DUBAI, UAE, Feb. 17, 2021

Over 100,000 registrations, 1500 companies, institutes and suppliers and over 8500 jobs since launch in June 2020 - now building up capacity and fundraising

DUBAI, UAE, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Raj and Vandana Bhatt launched a new platform, in 2020 despite COVID-19 for the hospitality industry. The new portal with new advanced features and AI was re-launched in June 2020, and since then, there are 100,000 new registrations, and 1500 companies have joined the platform to share jobs, courses, news, promotions, and events. Hozpitality is now ready to partner with investors to join forces and grow the brand in other countries and regions. Currently, Hozpitality operates from Canada, UAE, and India. 

Raj, Founder & CEO, Hozpitality Group said, "As the entire world welcomed the new year 2020, UAE was gearing up for one of the largest exhibitions in the region, World Expo-2020. We were busy building a brand to assist the ever-growing hospitality industry's needs and the expo was supposed to bring a tremendous amount of business to the country, everybody was hopeful."

Vandana added, "Just about that time, COVID-19 hampered the proposition for the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is the worst affected industry; overnight, the Government announced the cancellation of flights, planes were grounded, ships were anchored, and stay at home orders were kept in place. People lost jobs, and companies didn't want to promote; everybody was trying to survive and cut costs. It was hard to sustain; we had to close our offices in Dubai and India and instructed our employees to work from home. Even though negativity stuck on the world stage, we were hopeful that people would need jobs once the market opens and will promote their brands once again."

Raj explains, "There was no other competition for the hospitality industry but only an exorbitant portal that had a monopoly in the market. The companies had to pay a large sum of money to post jobs, and mostly big brands could utilize the services. As the idea of creating a niche market portal hit our minds, the brainstorming of the module, target audience, and the revenue generation kept us awake in the middle of the night, discussing the new business strategy with a cup of tea for months."

Vandana says, "Raj is a hotel management graduate who worked with the industry for over 25 years. He has adequate knowledge of departments, functionalities, and SOP's. Although he knew nothing about the technology, he spent the next few months in front of his laptop, understanding, and explaining the technical features seven days a week, almost 20 hours a day."

"In the past decade, technology and consumer behaviour have drastically changed. To meet the demands, the company worked towards upgrading the modules to provide a better user experience to their clients from time to time," said Raj.

"After much research and planning, Hozpitality decided to invest in a multifunctional website to support the initiative. People can now network on the new website, apply for jobs, share, discuss new ideas, buy deals, and stay updated with the region's latest happenings," Raj added. 

"We believe in our vision, and we are now ready for a breakthrough," said Raj and Vandana Bhatt. "The knowledge and passion about the target audience, technology, and industry have helped us create a product from scratch, and here we are, 1 million strong. Our team has been our biggest strength; they have followed our vision and supported us in every way required. We are humans who need the human touch; once the market opens, people will travel again. We are confident that the hospitality industry will soon be back on its feet, and we are ready to help and serve our customers. With this initiative, we want to reach every demographic, geographical location in each continent. This platform has the potential to help millions worldwide," concludes Raj.

About Hozpitality Group

Hozpitality is an online platform for professionals from Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Travel agencies, Clubs, Cruise Lines, Cinemas, Spas, Schools, Suppliers and Retail. Hozpitality offers Branding options, A Community Network for Employers and Job seekers, a directory of Hospitality Suppliers, Latest Hospitality News, Hotel News, Movements and Appointments and Hospitality Announcements Hotel Industry Recruitment, Professional CV designing, Hospitality Courses etc. We provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can come together, network and benefit. offers a selection of best Hotel Management Institutes, Schools and Universities and Hotel management Courses. Hospitality Students can search and apply for Hotel management Courses and join the School's Alumni and network with their colleagues. Hozpitality also offers a Market Place for Hospitality Suppliers where Hospitality Products, Services, Offers and Deals can be listed and sold to millions of Global Hospitality professionals.

Hozpitality reaches out to over 1 million professionals through its 2 group websites, and with Registered Members and Social Media from over 186 countries.

The dedicated hospitality Media and News website, publishes and shares Latest Hospitality News, Announcements, Hotel openings, Promotions, Events, Hospitality Movements and Appointments and Hospitality announcements, Reviews, Blogs etc.

Hozpitality Consulting is a Global Executive Search consultancy based out of Toronto, Canada. Our success lies in building a long term relationship and delivering results quickly and efficiently for a "much lower cost". We are experts in locating the best possible suitable executive and management candidates for placements in all types of hospitality organizations around the world. Through our matchless database, communication and networking, over the world, we provide our clients with the most skillful candidates.

"Hozpitality Buzz- The inside scoop" is a TV show based on the hospitality industry in Dubai and UAE, is in English and telecast-ed on a premier TV channel in Middle East & North Africa reaching out to approx. 10-12 million viewers. To know more about the TV show, Please log on to:- and

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