Neudata adds data vendor training courses to its Neudata Provider platform

Neudata adds data vendor training courses to its Neudata Provider platform

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LONDON, Feb. 18, 2021

LONDON, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Neudata, an alternative data research and SaaS technology platform, has added Neudata Academy — the industry's first virtual training program solely dedicated to helping data sellers understand the investment management industry — to its industry-leading Neudata Provider platform.

Developed by Neudata's team of research specialists in conjunction with real alternative data buyers at leading hedge funds, Neudata Academy's first training course ­— Selling Alternative Data to Investment Managers — offers data sellers the tools they need to sell data to more investment managers, faster.

The four-hour course is comprised of seven modules and covers topics that include:

The course also features real case studies from leading alternative data buyers — including Shruti Thaker, Tony Guida and Chris Longworth — and providers, who share their advice for selling into the investment management space.

"Selling into the investment management vertical can be a tough challenge for data providers, with many data sellers struggling to get information from clients about how the market works and how their data compares to competitors in terms of quality, breadth of coverage and price," said Neudata's CEO, Rado Lipuš. "Neudata Academy helps data providers form a better understanding of the market so they can understand their prospective clients' needs and wants more comprehensively."

Over the next few months, Neudata Academy will expand its training offerings to offer courses for data buyers and other market participants, Lipuš said.

Neudata Academy is currently available for data providers in conjunction with premium access to the Neudata Provider portal. To learn more, visit our website or reach out at

About Neudata

Industry-leading fintech firm Neudata is the only objective and neutral data scouting service that is dedicated to finding alpha-generating data for investment professionals.

Neudata's Software as a Service (SaaS) catalogue of 5000+ dataset reports provides tools for users to easily search, source, manage, and compare data, while leveraging real-time insights from its team of expert research analysts based in London, New York and Shanghai.

Its core philosophy is simple — Neudata catalogues and assesses datasets based on over 100 unique factors & delivers metadata reports and advice for a fee. It doesn't buy data, sell data, or accept revenue-shares or commissions from the data vendors that it recommends. That means users get unbiased intelligence that's tailored to their specific investment thesis.

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