Karma Metrix by Avantgrade Helps Websites Measure and Improve Their Eco-sustainability

Karma Metrix by Avantgrade Helps Websites Measure and Improve Their Eco-sustainability

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BALERNA, Switzerland, Feb. 22, 2021

BALERNA, Switzerland, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The climate emergency is the great challenge of our generation, a top priority for states and companies: Karma Metrix is an innovative algorithm with an artificial intelligence heart that aims to measure the eco-sustainability of websites and help reduce their impact on the environment.

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Like plastic, the web also pollutes: according to the Global Carbon Project, in 2020 the Internet was the fourth country in the world for energy consumption, behind only the United States, China and India. The reasons? The energy needed to operate the servers and the inefficient ways of building and maintaining web pages.

To make a site more eco-sustainable, the first step is to measure the actual energy efficiency and the C02 emitted. Karma Metrix can quantify the "ecological performance" of a website through an algorithm that weighs 23 website efficiency factors compared to the world median built on over 9 million sites, both desk and mobile.

In case that the Karma test highlights a CO2 emission too high or that can be improved, Karma Metrix allows identifying the critical areas on each page of the site on which to intervene to increase energy efficiency, consequently reducing polluting emission.

The Karma Metrix - Energy Efficient Website certificate certifies both the energy efficiency class and the CO2 emissions of the entire website. Many companies that want to combine attention to the environment with digital have included the "Karma result" in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicators and in the annual corporate sustainability report (CSR).

Karma Metrix - Energy Efficient Website is an idea of www.Avantgrade.com, a Swiss company specializing in artificial intelligence applied to algorithms.

"In an increasingly digitalized world, Karma Metrix - Energy Efficient Website is an immediate tool capable of raising public awareness on issues of digital sustainability," declares Ale Agostini creator of the Karma Metrix. "The goal is that by 2022 every company in the world will measure and improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the web presence." If you want to know quickly how eco-sustainable one of your web pages is, visit our site and make the demo of Karma Test at this link: https://bit.ly/3u5W6Jg

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