Hooray Health & Protection survey finds that 75% of employees believe their morale is impacted by flexible working

Hooray Health & Protection survey finds that 75% of employees believe their morale is impacted by flexible working

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HOVE, England, July 14, 2021

HOVE, England, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with its many surrounding lockdowns and restrictions has had an undeniable effect on the personal and professional lives of almost everyone in the UK.

As working conditions and environments are forced to change, it is important for businesses to understand how their employees are affected and to do whatever they can to help, even if only in a minor way.

Making sure that workers are satisfied with their employee benefits is integral to keeping a committed and motivated team of staff members, who remain happy with their job.

This is why Hooray Health & Protection decided to perform an employee benefits survey in collaboration with a group of industry experts who offered their professional insights, in order to determine the best ways for businesses to support their employees, during the strange and uncertain times of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Hooray's survey found that 75% of employees believe that the arrangements and conditions of flexible work is likely to have a negative impact on their morale, as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions continue to be relaxed throughout the UK.

Reviewing The Results

The data compiled from our studies indicates that 40% of employees feel that flexible working arrangements are likely to have a highly negative impact on their morale, with 34% believing it will still have a minor effect and 26% believing that it will have no impact on them whatsoever.

Among these questions, the survey also recorded a number of different results that are related to the general satisfaction of workers, regarding their employee benefits.

Some of those other results conveyed:

-  50% of employees are likely to start looking for a new job in the wake of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

-  Under half of all recorded businesses (47%) offered no employee benefits to their staff at all.

-  Income Protection is currently the most desired employee benefit, with 24% of respondents claiming that they would want it if they were offered the chance.

-  Almost 70% of SME workers claim that they are not currently satisfied with their employee benefits. 31% said that they were happy with their current benefits, while 55% are not happy, or just okay and 14% are not happy at all.

More About The Survey's Methodology

Hooray Health & Protection's employee benefits survey features expert insights from industry leading firms Yulife Insurance, Hays Recruitment and HR Solutions, who each wrote a segment to give us their takes on the outcome of our findings, as well as the lessons that businesses can potentially learn from them.

The results were recorded from a pool of 1150 SME employees, who came from an impressively wide array of 112 different businesses and industries throughout the UK.

All of the responses that were recorded from the questionnaire were carefully reviewed and statistical software was used, in order to ensure that all of the respondents were based within the UK.

When it comes to the demographics of the survey, the most frequently recorded types of industries were Hospital & Health Care, which were recorded at 12%, as well as Education Management and Retail at 6% each. 

The respondents were based in 4 different areas of the UK, with 86% located in England, 12% from Scotland, 2% in Wales and 1% from Northern Ireland.

Charlie Cousins, Founder of Hooray Health & Protection, said:

"Hooray Health & Protection is seeing some fantastic work by several businesses to help improve their employees' wellbeing and strengthen their engagement. However, this report highlights which areas employees feel more focus is needed".

About Hooray Health & Protection

Hooray Health & Protection are a digital insurance broker who are focused on disrupting the archaic employee benefits SME market, through technology and delivering outstanding customer service.

We are continually committed to changing the values of the health insurance industry, by making insurance easy for customers and pride ourselves on the fact that we operate our business without the inclusion of the usual industry standards of extortionately high prices and confusing or alienating language.

Hooray possesses a vast range of experience in working with many different kinds of businesses to secure the right benefits for their employees. help with securing employee benefits, as well as any other health insurance needs that SMEs may require.

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Hooray provides health and protection solutions to SMEs in the UK. The company was launched in September 2019 to shake up the industry and fill a gap that other insurance brokers were not satisfying. 

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