Sber participates in Web Summit 2021

Sber participates in Web Summit 2021

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MOSCOW, Nov. 8, 2021

MOSCOW, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's premier tech conference, Web Summit, took place on November 1 to 4. Sber participated in this year's event, where the bank's speakers spoke about the latest trends and Sber's experience in tech related areas, presented smart devices to an international audience. Sber also announced the opening of its first research and development (R&D) center in Europe.

David Rafalovsky, CTO and Global Head of Operation and Technology of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice President at Sberbank, gave a keynote speech "The most unusual bank in the world and what supercomputers, virtual assistants, food, and TVs have to do with it". During his speech he explained what makes Sber unlike any other bank in the world. According to Rafalovsky, Sber hcas already become a customer-centric technology company pursuing integrated open ecosystem business model. It offers unified customer experience, powered by unique technology platform developed by Sber and many common cross channel enablers like the family of virtual assistants Salute.

Rafalovsky also explained why Sber decided to invest in an extensive product line of consumer electronics: Sber wanted to be next to its customers in any sort of circumstances and locations – from a family room and kitchen to taxi or emerging self-driving mobility platforms. That's why Sber created award-winning SberPortal, Sber Box and SberBox Top smart displays and speakers devices, and even its own TVs – all with virtual assistant Salute on board, to always be ready to help.

Closing his speech, he announced the opening of Sber's first R&D center in Europe, which will be located in Berlin and will focus on attracting high-class IT specialists.

Vladislav Kreynin, Senior Vice President and director of the Marketing and Communications of Sberbank hosted a key session titled "What to Expect in Marketing and Martech Over the Next Five Years?", where he covered key trends in tech marketing. During the roundtable, Kreynin outlined five challenges for marketing: speed of change, full dimension personality, mixed experience, Data & AI collaboration, smart contracts for all marketing transactions.

Yulia Chupina, Senior Vice President of Sberbank, participated in a panel session "Building Culture without Buildings". She spoke about the use of digital technology in HR and building of an effective corporate culture. She mentioned that Sber creates innovative high-tech products for its clients, and since Sber employees are also its clients, the quality bar is just as high for the HR mobile apps, which are designed to deliver an equally enjoyable customer experience.

At the company's booth Sber presented two flagship products:

Sber also presented the English-language version of Visper virtual character platform. Thanks to Visper, a platform for generating video clips with photorealistic and animated characters, users around the world can now create visual content. In addition to the translated interface, it is now possible to generate speech in English: all the user needs to do is input their text, and their avatar will read it with the correct pronunciation.

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