Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, chooses Plint as new digital localisation partner

Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, chooses Plint as new digital localisation partner

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STOCKHOLM, Dec. 16, 2021

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, has awarded Plint the contract as new digital partner of integrated localisation software and thereby joins the company's tribe of software licensees and integration clients like the European Parliament and ViacomCBS.

"We believe Plint offers robust tools for subtitle production with integrated communication on several levels, which will let us reduce other forms of written communication and make information available exactly where needed to translators, editors, planners, and managers", says Paul Egell-Johnsen, Process owner of Subtitling and Accessibility Systems at NRK.

Plint offers an off-the-shelf solution including administration, work allocation, ordering, payment, reporting, and communication for localisation services. The software connects via API to most existing systems, in NRK's case, the media library and scheduling system, with minimal configuration or development required.

Plint's technical localisation offering is designed to make things easier and more efficient for mid to large scale content owners. With an automated workflow using data and algorithms to match each localisation task with the best-suited linguist, clients can save a lot of manual handling and still depend on getting a high-quality product at the end.

"Our project managers use our software for localisation orchestration and administration every day, to handle all communication with our freelancing linguists, for client reviews, payments etc. We have about 2,000 freelancers working around the clock and large volumes of content rushing through this funnel 24/7, so we fully understand the needs of our integration partners. It has to be smooth, secure, flexible and easy to scale", says Maria D'Alessandro, Head of Client Services at Plint.

"NRK stands out in the innovative way they approach their localisation workflows, and we are honoured to be awarded this contract. I hope more broadcasters will get inspired by NRK's example and start to invest in the right tools and technology. I believe one of the reasons we won the tender is that we complete their digital supply chain. In the end, it's all about efficiency and improving the viewer experience", says Per Nauclér, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder at Plint.

For more information, please contact:

Tobias Mannheimer, Head of Business Development  

Maria D'Alessandro, Head of Client Services at Plint  

About Plint
Plint is one of the world's fastest-growing localisation companies with offices in Gothenburg in Sweden, London, and Los Angeles. With a passion for storytelling, they offer subtitling, dubbing, and studio services. Plint is also licensing their own cloud-based software – a unique, scalable project management tool for orchestrating localisation projects. Clients include Netflix, IKEA, Volvo, Viacom, and NENT Group. Today, the company has about 70 people in-house, and a linguist community of over 2,000 freelancers around the globe.

About NRK
NRK is the Norwegian non-commercial public broadcaster. NRK meets important social, cultural and democratic needs in Norwegian society. NRK offers a wide and varied range of content to the Norwegian public through NRK.NO, NRK TV, NRK Radio, five TV channels and 14 radio channels. Almost 9 out of 10 Norwegians use NRK's content every day on one or several platforms.

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