ENOUGH Cosmetics, famous for its foundation, has launched a new product, Cera Spa Cream.

ENOUGH Cosmetics, famous for its foundation, has launched a new product, Cera Spa Cream.

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SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2021 "ENOUGH Cosmetics," famous for its collagen moisturizing foundation, will introduce a new Cera Spa Cream this time. ENOUGH Cosmetics is a Korean cosmetics brand that is attracting attention from major countries around the world by introducing pure nature-friendly products. In particular, collagen foundation products have been famous in Russia, making word of mouth among many women.

Secret with CERA SPA CREAM, Belgium mineral spring water and ceremide cream

Cera Spa Cream is a high-moisturizing cream needed for dry and rough skin due to the cold climate of Russia. It is a product that fills the skin from the inside out.

The newly released Cera Spa cream is a basic product that moisturizes the skin by supplying moisture to dry skin as it contains 56.9% hot spring water and more than 5% of a 'Ceramic Complex' that blocks penetration of harmful substances by strengthening the skin barrier.
Belgium's hot spring water has a low sodium and mineral content, so it is less irritating for infants and toddlers.
Recently it has completed the skin irritation test, while receiving an EWG green grade, which is a grade that notifies it is safe product to apply to sensitive skin without harmful ingredients. As a result, pre-orders are coming in quickly even before launch.

An Enough official said, "It will be an opportunity to promote Enough cosmetics more with the newly released high-humidification Cera SPA Cream."

Meanwhile, Enough Cera spacream is scheduled to broadcast home shopping in Korea, and in addition to Russia, it is actively exporting overseas such as Japan, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia.

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