Bridges: Constructing Safety in the Decentralized Space

Bridges: Constructing Safety in the Decentralized Space

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LONDON, Dec. 21, 2021

LONDON, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Decentralized Finance (DeFi) provides a public decentralized blockchain-based network free from banks and brokers, but unfortunately can lack safety. In a space with such opportunity, Bridges sets itself apart from the crowd as it aims to establish safety in DeFi.

Building Safety in the DeFi Space

Bridges is a DeFi revolutionary platform aiming to promote innovation, security, and equity. In a DeFi space filled with an overwhelming number of scams, Bridges seeks to re-establish that trust investors dearly seek. Bridges aims to do so by creating a "semi-DeFi solution" involving a suite of tools that constructs a secure bridge for investors worldwide to interact with the DeFi space in a safe and equitable manner.

Bridge$, a dividend-paying token, is utilized to build a solid roadmap involving investor-rewarding tokenomics. With a total of 100 million tokens, each transaction involving Bridge$ is taxed 5% which is broken down into the following:

-  3% BUSD dividends for holders of at least 100 Bridge$ tokens

-  1% to the Liquidity Pool (LP)

-  1% to the Development Wallet

Anti-Whale Preventative Measures

With features such as an anti-whale cap (a limit to 1% of the total supply for any holder - including Bridges Team Developers), multisignature wallets, and 70% of liquidity remaining locked for one year - Bridges sets a new standard for DeFi safety and accessibility.

"I love decentralized finance, and what this could bring to the world in terms of freedom. Everyone with a phone in their pocket would be able to invest their money, but for this to happen, we need to make DeFi a safer place," Danny, CEO of Bridges said.

Laying the Foundations with Dividend-Rewarding Tokenomics

Bridges will be a safe decentralized exchange listing vetted projects, where 3% of the volume of trades in the exchange are paid back out to Bridge$ holders as dividends. With a revolutionary twist, who knows what exhilarating upcoming features will manifest as the roadmap continues to be revealed.

Building a solid foundation of security and protection in the DeFi Space, Bridges pioneers the way to a better and safer global decentralized world.






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